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Once you have placed an order with us, we will send an email confirming the details of your order. Please note that the email may end up in your junk/spam folder, so make sure you add our email address to your Safe Senders list. If you don’t receive confirmation within 2 days, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once your payment has cleared we will dispatch your order within 10 days. In the unlikely event that we encounter a problem when processing your order, we will send you an email. For further details about delivery, see our ‘Delivery’ section.

Delivery details

Two days after the placement of your order, dear friends, the process of creation, composition and implementation of the jewel of your choice is mobilized, exclusively and especially for you. Starting from an amorphous mass the metal will undergo complex techniques, which can be extremely differentiated from one collection to the other. (Indicatively are mentioned the following techniques: handmade engraving – glyptography, controlled incandescence-melting, soldering, perforation and creation of motif, metal surface processing with textures, insertion of elements to create complex motifs, application of metals to create complex surfaces, microsculpture, plating, stone setting, engraving, controlled-complete oxidation.) The above mentioned are complex techniques which require time and thought, so that they are properly and successfully applied in detail on the metals.

On the photographs you can see imprinted individual creative art proposals. It would be impossible to provide prefabricated jewels, since the nature of works as well as the time necessary for each one of them makes any fabrication in advance or immediate fabrication and delivery impossible. Every piece of jewelry, every composition under your request is a result of thought, work and love, so that a final result of balance, harmony and integrity can be succeeded in every individual creation. Your jewel will bring your aura in the bud.

Another factor to also bear in mind for the assessment of delivery time are the fluctuations of raw material availability in the market, for collections dealing with a variety of materials (gemstones, organic material, leather, fabric, cord).

Day by day, stage by stage, your jewels are being formed until they reach completion and obtain flesh, bones, and existence. They will be delivered by post and with a lot of love within 15 DAYS from the placement of your order.

It is clear that every case of fabrication is an exclusively individual handmade work for each piece of jewelry and each one of you separately! In other words it is about a visual creation, a small scale work of art, aiming not only to satisfy your demands in an absolute and complete way, but mainly to be classified among your favorites.

With devotion and appreciation

Tereza Damianidou


All prices are as quoted on our website, in Euro (EUR). We reserve the right to change prices without notice.


Shop will be closed from 30 June till the 20 August. Latest date to place your order is 15 of June

Online Shopping

All photographs and descriptions on this website are as representative of the items as possible, however as all jewellery is handmade, slight differences to the photographs may exist. Gemstones may also vary in weight, colour, shade distribution, etc. Product images shown will also depend on your monitor's display and colour capabilities. Colours reproduced are as accurate as electronic processes allow.

Some jewelry photos depict more than one jewelry. This is because that particular piece of jewelry looks like, is part of a set, matches or is proposed as a combination to another piece of jewelry. In this case, as in any other, the price refers to a single piece of jewelry and to a single code (sku), the one that is indicated in its description.

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Last but not least, orders in yellow, rose or white gold are by all means and with great pleasure accepted, in most our creations. Name us your request by mail and we'll soon contact you for further details.

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Once upon a time there was the Jewel; being so precious, it was carved separately by its creator, slowly and steadily, with attention and diligence, so as to always show beautiful, complete, elegant and integral. Nevertheless something unexpected happened on the way. The creator was surprised to realize that not only she was learning from the jewel, but at the same time the jewel was being taught by her. The creator felt that beyond its body, the jewel had a soul and a mind, and beyond the mind, it had its own will and soon rebelled. Since then its voice and manifesto resonate in her ears:

I am not a jewel. I am an idea. I am a point of view. I have a body, I have a soul, I have a voice, I have life. Will you let me travel you?

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tereza Jewel Art Gallery collections by Tereza address various techniques in silver and gold. Several creations are embedded with precious stones, coated or decorated with modern materials like silk, fabric, leather, steel wire, bronze, copper.Read more About us

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