Geometrical and “cerebral” at the same time, if it could be characterized like this. This piece of jewelry started as an equation, with data and values. Data: Developing vertically from the level defined by our open palm Values: Easily worn, without its form or volume provoking discomfort. Creating a play, an effect, a hidden surprise maybe. Its final image should predispose for something modern, geometrical, three-dimensional. Result: A unisex ring formed by three separate rings, each one of different material and colour. Like a three-dimensional form escalating in levels, unraveling in space. Like a riddle waiting to be solved. Deconstructed, the “triplette” can decorate the finger or the neck as a single or double stem.

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Once upon a time there was the Jewel; being so precious, it was carved separately by its creator, slowly and steadily, with attention and diligence, so as to always show beautiful, complete, elegant and integral. Nevertheless something unexpected happened on the way. The creator was surprised to realize that not only she was learning from the jewel, but at the same time the jewel was being taught by her. The creator felt that beyond its body, the jewel had a soul and a mind, and beyond the mind, it had its own will and soon rebelled. Since then its voice and manifesto resonate in her ears:

I am not a jewel. I am an idea. I am a point of view. I have a body, I have a soul, I have a voice, I have life. Will you let me travel you?

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tereza Jewel Art Gallery collections by Tereza address various techniques in silver and gold. Several creations are embedded with precious stones, coated or decorated with modern materials like silk, fabric, leather, steel wire, bronze, copper.Read more About us

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